Commercial LED lighting to save your business energy and money

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Get better lighting.

How much do you spend
on your lighting each month?

Does your current lighting emit a lot of heat?

Do your lights buzz or hum and distract your employees?

Does your maintenance team spend hours each month replacing lights?

Are you missing out on energy efficiency rebates?

Do you have lights that are complicated and expensive to dispose of?

Full service LED lighting
company in Spartanburg, SC

Many businesses pay way too much just on their lighting each month because they think that switching to LEDs would cost too much. But they’re missing out on huge energy savings not only from efficiency but also from utility rebates and reduced maintenance.

PSi LED handles your project each step of the way, from initial audit to project completion, so that you can save money and focus on running your business.

With improved facility lighting, your facility will have consistent, high-quality lighting that saves you energy and money.

Stop paying too much to keep the lights on.

Request a lighting audit.
We’ll look at your current energy usage and the type of lighting you need in your specific facility.
Get a proposal.
We’ll determine project cost, your projected savings, and your utility rebate qualifications.
Schedule your installation.
Find a time that works for your schedule and we’ll make sure installation is quick and efficient.
Save energy and money.
With your new LED lighting system, you can see a return on your investment in as little as 13 months. And that utility rebate? We’ll deduct that amount from your project cost and handle the rebate application so that you don’t have to.

We provide interior and exterior
LED lighting for commercial
and industrial spaces.

  • Warehouses

  • Hotels

  • Government buildings

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Gas stations

  • Gymnasiums and athletic fields

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Malls

  • Shopping centers

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Car dealerships

  • Grocery stores

  • Fitness centers

The Numbers Don't Lie.