Interior and exterior LED lighting systems

PSi LED is here to help your business or facility save energy, save money, and look good while doing it. Each space, whether a warehouse, a shopping center, or a sports stadium, has unique lighting needs and challenges. PSi LED will design lighting systems that work exactly how you need them to.

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Interior lighting
It’s more than just changing a few lightbulbs. Overhauling your interior lighting system, including occupancy sensors, is one of the best upgrades you can do for your building or complex. Once your updated interior lighting has paid for itself, you can use the savings to fund additional building upgrades or even buy new equipment to help your business run better.

Exterior lighting
The lights outside your building are just as important as the lights inside. Keep your property well lit with durable, reliable LEDs that will last for years before needing to be replaced. High quality lighting on your property will make sure that customers and guests can find your building at night, reduce the risk of crime, keep people safe, reduce maintenance costs, and leave a good first impression of your business.

LED lighting for interior and exterior applications

Commercial & industrial
Grocery stores
Shopping centers
Office buildings
Distribution centers
Manufacturing facilities
Power plants
Food processing plants
Gas stations
Convenience stores
Parking lots and parking garages
Hospitality & recreation
Theme parks
Movie theatres
Parking lots and parking garages
Fitness centers

College and university campuses
Community colleges
Technical schools and vocational schools
Daycare centers
Gymnasiums and athletic fields
Parking lots

Office buildings
Service centers
Traffic signals
Street lights
Parking lots and parking garages
Fire departments
Police departments

Doctors’ offices
Dentists’ offices
Urgent care centers
Nursing homes
Assisted living homes
Rehabilitation centers
Physical therapy centers
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