Lighting Audit

Get your lighting audit

Do you know how much money your current lighting costs you each month? Could replacing your current lighting save you money? PSi LED is here to help you figure that out, call (864) 585-4014 ext. 2 today.

How can you get a lighting audit?

  • 1. Request a lighting audit from PSi LED.

  • 2. One of our lighting professionals will come to your property.

  • 3. We will perform a full evaluation of your current lighting situation.

  • 4. We will compare your current costs with your possible future costs.

  • 5. Find out how much money you could save each month simply by switching out your lighting!


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Don’t forget about
your energy rebate

South Carolina businesses can qualify for up to 50-75% energy rebates when they upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit, you could save both energy and money through energy incentive programs.

When PSi LED conducts a lighting audit, we’ll calculate how much money you could save through an energy rebate. Not only that, but when we upgrade your lighting we’ll apply for the rebate ourselves so that you don’t have to. You’ll pay the reduced cost instead of waiting for the rebate to come through.

Stop paying too much to keep the lights on.