Why would you choose to upgrade to LED lighting?

How switching to LEDs
makes sense for your business

When it comes to running a business, most people seek to cut costs and make their budget work more efficiently. Maybe you dread the utility bill each month, but you shouldn’t have to. How can you save energy and money without sitting in the dark?

Light-emitting diodes (LED) have quickly become a popular lighting solution in many homes and businesses. And as LED technology has advanced, this energy efficient lighting has become more affordable and attainable for more and more people to benefit from LED’s longevity and cost effectiveness.

But why make the switch from traditional incandescent or even other energy-saving bulbs like compact fluorescent lights (CFL)? Is LED lighting just a trend? Or is it really the future of lighting?

Energy efficiency

Here’s a quick comparison:

Sources: energy.gov, eartheasy.com, greenisbetterinc.org

These numbers reflect the cost and savings of just one bulb. Now, multiply these savings by the number of bulbs in your home or business! What could you be spending those utility savings on instead?

Once unattainable at about $100 per bulb, LED has become not just affordable but the true energy- and money-saving option.

The numbers don't lie.

Switch to LED and start saving energy and money.

Energy rebates

Upgrading your lighting to LEDs will qualify you for tax incentives and energy rebates through government and utility rebate programs.

PSi LED will determine how much money you can save through the rebate program and deduct that amount from your project cost. We’ll take care of the rebate application so that you don’t have to.

Intelligent controls

Did you know that lighting alone accounts for 20% of a commercial building’s energy use?

In most buildings, people do not occupy every single room all the time. And not everyone is diligent about turning the lights off when they leave a room. Sometimes lights can stay on all night or weekend, wasting energy and money and burning your lights’ lifespan.

Intelligent lighting controls like daylight and occupancy sensors can save you even more energy and money and extend the life of your LED lighting system.

Simply by adding lighting controls to your LED lighting system, you could save about 30% more energy. (That’s on top of all the energy you’re already saving by switching to LEDs.)

Get better lighting.