LED Benefits

It’s not only about energy efficiency

Though highly energy- and cost-efficient, LED lighting has some additional benefits that you might not initially think of. Here are just a few:

Improved experience

Poor lighting can affect people psychologically as well as physically. Eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and lack of focus are just a few ways that other lighting systems fall short of LEDs. LED lighting will not only improve your energy bill each month, it will help your employees work better, your students learn better, and give your customers, guests, and patients a better atmosphere. LED lighting provides natural lighting temperatures and consistent, focused light that will help the people at your facility feel more comfortable and productive.

Better quality

LED lighting doesn’t flicker or dim like other lighting systems. And they don’t have to be bright or harsh like fluorescents. You can choose warm lighting that match the glow of incandescents or choose cooler lighting that imitates daylight. LEDs can also provide the same amount of light using less energy than incandescent or CFL lights. In fact, LED lighting systems either meet or exceed the Illuminating Energy Society (IES) lighting standards. Switching to LED lighting in your facility doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice lighting quality or durability.

Reduced maintenance

LED lighting systems last 3-15 times longer than other lighting systems like incandescent or even CFL. Even if you left your workplace lights on continuously, your LED lighting would last up to 6 years before needing to be replaced. Longer-lasting, reliable lighting means that your maintenance team spends less time acquiring replacement lighting and changing or fixing lights around your facility.

Less waste

Replacing lights less frequently means less waste in landfills for dead lights. It means less packaging, less shipping and distribution, and even less coal burned to create electricity. Using LED lighting in your workplace has a ripple effect of energy and money savings not only for your business but also for the planet.

Less heat

LED lighting systems emit minimal heat. This means that in the summer, your HVAC system won’t have to overcompensate for the heat generated by your lighting in order to keep your workplace at a comfortable temperature.

More flexibility

Any workplace, facility, or public or commercial space can benefit from LED lighting. Warehouses, office buildings, gas stations, traffic signals, parking lots and parking garages, gymnasiums, athletic fields, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores, and more all have specific lighting needs. LED lighting systems are flexible to provide exactly the lighting your facility needs in order to run the business well.

Get better lighting.